Easybits Magic Desktop

A unique program that makes it easy for children to use computer desktops


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  • Category Kids' Games
  • License Full version
  • Version 9.2
  • Size 11.53 MB
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by Easybits AS

Easybits Magic Desktop is a program that turns your computer into a magic playground that is suitable for kids of all ages.

Parents today often worry about what their kids do when they're not around. You never know if your child has access to inappropriate online content or when your kids find their way into protected files that are for adult eyes only. While there are various programs that let you limit how much time they spend online or what files they can access, Easybits Magic Desktop is one of the only programs that will create a safe environment your kids will love. This program is suitable for use at home and in schools.

Easybits Magic Desktop lets you create separate accounts for each child under your care. When they log in, they'll find a world customized just for them. Buttons along the left side of the screen let them do different things on the desktop. They can watch videos, chat with friends online, surf the web or create fun pictures. The button on the very bottom lets them view all files and programs that they can use on the computer.

Many of the games that are available are appropriate for kids of different ages, and some games may teach them skills that they need in school. For instance, one game shows them images and asks them to match those images with those that look exactly the same on the page, Another game shows kids a shape and asks them to find all versions of that shape in a given image. With Easybits Magic Desktop, children can also learn more about shapes, colors and animals. It offers a center that lets them choose from different types of games; everything from logic and matching to creative games.

Essentially, this program creates a shell that wraps around your operating system to limit what your kids can do online and offline. While it lets them go online and send emails, it blocks the sites they cannot visit and people they cannot email. The program comes with a variety of parental controls as well, and gives you more control over what your children do. You can block access to certain pages and prevent your kids from visiting sites that use strong language.You can even limit the amount of time your children spend on the computer in one setting. Easybits Magic Desktop gives you more control over what your children can and can't do on the computer.


  • Creates a safe environment that is suitable for kids of different ages
  • Parental controls let you increase or decrease the protection available
  • Lets kids send emails to friends and family
  • Limits the content they can view online
  • Features games, videos and a messaging system for kids


  • Does not offer many features for older children
  • May not block all the sites and pages you would like
  • Kids can learn methods of getting around the software
  • Some games are too hard for younger users
  • May take some time to figure out the parental controls
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